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Book Search & Request
The Psik platform offers many new and old books and allows us to get them without the need for searches. Yet, sometimes we want to find them ourselves. In this guide we will see how to do this.
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Step 1 - Searching

Psik is the place for new books but not only new ones. Our database is also expanding to books that have been published in the past and are also available for purchase from us. These books will not appear in the New Books for You recommendations, as they are, well, not new. That is exactly why there is the search system. The search bar is at the top of all the pages in the platform, and makes it very easy to reach every book in the database, new and old.

The Psik search function is designed to automatically correct grammar gaps, double letters, and so on. Some of the names of the books also appear in the English translation and can be searched in this language as well.

Search Bar

Categories Menu

Next to the search bar is also the categories menu, which offers all the books in a specific category.

Our book search in Cart, Wishlist, and Orders is performed in a separate search bar on each of the pages in the upper right corner. The results there will be displayed as part of the relevant list and will only offer books from it, while the search bar at the top of the page performs a search of the entire database.

Step 2 - Filter results

The search of course leads us to a results page. The titles in the search results appear in a similar way to the recommended titles on the home page, allowing us to see if they are already attached to our Cart or Wishlist, and move them there directly. On the right is the results filter panel, with options for filtering by category, year of publication, language and more.

The results in the center and the filtering options on the right.

Up to 3 - Book request

Did not find the book you were looking for? Do not worry, we will find it for you. At any stage you can ask us for books that are not in the database. We will look them up, and of course we will also be able to purchase them. To do this, click on Request in the side menu, then a window will appear asking for details about the requested book, do not be afraid to challenge us with particularly rare books, and we will certainly be happy to offer more popular books from the past.

Book Request Page.