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Create Plans, stay updated
The Plan allows you to track in advance and accurately new books, ones that you are very likely to want to purchase for the library as well. You can define for yourself the properties of the titles in which you would like to be updated and receive them directly without the need for additional searches.
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Step 1 - Create a plan 

The Plan button appears in the upper right corner at the top of every page on the platform. Clicking on it will show a program creation window.

Add plan button from top left

The first part of the window - Plan By - defines whether we want the program to follow a topic or an expense. The definition of the topics is actually based on the categories according to which the titles are classified, while the definition of the publication is based on the publisher and series that appeared in the publication. 

Selecting a Subject will take us to the second Set Category where we will define the desired category. The relevant categories of course also have sub-categories and third-tier categories, allowing us to keep track of more specific titles.

Program by topic-categories

Choosing Publishing will take us to the second part of Set Publisher where we will define the desired publishing properties. Here too, you can choose to follow a particular publisher and even a particular series of publisher.

Plan by publisher

The third part of the window is Filters, and it allows us to be even more accurate in our tracking. The program can be reduced according to language, place of publication and more.

The Plan offers us by default only new books, such as those uploaded to Psik starting last month. To keep up to date with old books that are added to the system, check the Include old books on My Plan window.

We will then define the goal of the Plan - Add plan results to - where we want to lead the new titles that will be recommended for us automatically. Here are two options, Cart and Wishlist, which means that whenever a new book is added that matches the Plan settings it will appear for us directly in the list we selected. None of the options binds us, it is only a matter of organizing the information, and later we will also see how it can be changed.

Finally, a name is given to the Plan we have created so that we can easily manage and identify the Plan. Click Save Plan and the Plan will be added to our Plans list. There is no limit to the number of Plans that can be created and we recommend that you create an array of different Plans that will accurately cover your interests.

The Book Publisher button will always appear on the book page, which also displays the Plan creation window, and loads the publisher's content relevant to a new Plan that you can set based on it.

Up to 2 - The books arrive to us 

After we have created a Plan Psik will start referring us to new titles that fit our Plans. As mentioned, we can find the titles in two lists - in Cart and in Wishlist. To access them, click on the appropriate button in the side menu. As we can see the titles from our Plans are added to the lists automatically, and their update time appears under the added column in the table.

The books are arranged according to plans in Wishlist and Cart

In case the new books did not meet the characteristics of the Plans, you may not see new books in the lists. In such a situation we recommend expanding the Plan settings, or try to add new Plans, if the Plan is intended to be intentionally specific. In some cases there are more books for  publishers or categories than others. It may take time and a little patience till you may see a more significant list compiling.

To distinguish between our variety of Plans we can sort the results in the Plan column. Click on the top of the column and we will get all the books arranged according to the different plans.

At the same time of course we can add and move books to lists manually and in addition we can take various actions with the books by selecting them in the checkbox. In Cart we can purchase these books by clicking the Order Books button, or move the books from Cart to Wishlist, or from Wishlist to Cart, or Alternatively remove them from the list.

In the list of recommended books on the home page, we will notice that some of the books are also automatically marked by Cart and Wishlist. Which means that from the general recommendations by Psik there are books that match our plans and are especially suitable for us, therefore, were also added to the list we defined in the Plan.

Up to 3 - Editing the plan 

We created a Plan, we defined its characteristics exactly, we expected the perfect books, we bit our nails and… there are not enough books or the books do not meet expectations. What to do? Editors!

The Plans are flexible. You can always edit, reset, delete and recreate. To edit the Plans click on the Plan page in the side menu. The page will show us all our plans in a condensed table. On the right side of the lines is a group of icons. You can of course delete the program by clicking on the trash icon. Click on a pencil-shaped icon, and it will reopen the window of our program details, hence all that is left to do is simply change the settings in the relevant fields.

We recommend testing the work of the Plan in relation to the titles and refining them so that over time they will bring exactly the books you are looking for, and allow you to concentrate on the content itself.

Actions on the Plans page