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How To Order Books
This tutorial briefly explains how to place orders in Psik. You can order books on the book page or in Cart where you have selected the desired books simply click on Order Books. Once you have created an order you can track its delivery on the Orders page. Next to each order and book there is a status that details what is the status with it.
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Step 1 - We will enter the book page or Cart

Each book is available for purchase on the book page. Inside each book page at the top right is the Order Now button. All you have to do is just click on it and that's it.

Another option to order books we would like to purchase is to organize them in a Cart, and purchase them together. We will add books to Cart by clicking the icon in the shape of a cart or any Add to Cart button from anywhere on the platform. In addition, the Plans we have created can also automatically add books to Cart. (To learn how to create a program click here).

The shopping cart allows us to gather in one place the books ready for purchase, and make sure that the orders are accurate.

Book Purchase Button on Book Page

Step 2 - We will place an order

On the Cart page we select the books we want to buy by clicking on the square checkbox to the left of the book name. At the top of the list we can see the total price of the books we have selected, depending on the number of copies determined for each book.

Purchase Button in Cart

Tip! It is possible to make multiple selections of books in Cart and thus perform actions like purchasing on a large number of books in parallel. For example, you can export an Excel or PDF file with the books you have chosen, or alternatively send them by e-mail to whoever you want.

After selecting the books, click on the Order Books button. After clicking, a window will open with the details of the books we want to purchase and the order amount. Click on the Confirm order button. Only after the final confirmation we will receive the order and we will start working on it.

In case the order includes books with no final price tagged in On Demand, the amount will not include them.

Order Confirmation Window

Once you have ordered, the books go to the Orders page where you can easily keep track of their delivery status.

Step 3 - We will update in Orders

Clicking Orders in the main menu will open two options for us - Ordered Books and Invoices. The Ordered Books page simply shows the delivery status of all the books we have ordered, and which our team members have ordered. It is important to note - this list is updated by all team members at the same time. If there are books on the list that we did not order ourselves, these are probably orders placed by a member of the library staff.

At the top of the page are four buttons that allow us to filter the results of the books we have ordered according to their current status. Each of them lists the number of books included in it and their total price.

There are four possible statuses - In Process, Unavailable, Shipped, Arrived.

We use different statuses because delivering such a diverse variety of books is a complex process. On average, about 60% of the books are in our warehouse, and we order the rest from the suppliers or  publishers - and the delivery depends on the condition of the book in stock. We update the status daily.

<PIC - The statuses at the top of the page allow you to filter the results>

The statuses at the top of the page allow you to filter the results

Step 4 - Receiving invoices

Once a book is shipped from us to you, its status changes from In Process to Shipped along with the other books shipped with it in the same shipment. At the same time we create an invoice that includes the books sent in this shipment. All invoices created are grouped on the Invoices page.

On the page itself we can see and download the PDF files of the invoices and send to the appropriate department or individual. Each invoice on the page is updated with the status common to all the books included in it so that you can see which shipments have arrived and which shipments are still on their way. At the same time on the Ordered Books page we can see the invoice in which a book appears by clicking on Invoice in any book ordered from the left (of course, these are only books with Shipped or Arrived status).

Please note that there may be cases where books ordered by you on different orders will be included in the same invoice and the same shipment. By default, we issue deliveries when they reach the amount of 350 NIS. Of course, different conditions can be arranged with us.

Do you have more questions in regards to prices, shipping, or billing matters? click here