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Initial Entry to The Psik Platform
How to set Interests, password, & Book Feed Page
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Step 1 - Defining areas of interest

At the first login, a window selecting the interests window appears. Choose at least three areas that touch on topics that interest you the most, and of course you can and should choose more than three. You can edit and change your interests even after the initial selection.

Interest Selection Window

After the confirmation, the Psik home page opens, in front of us on the left is the main menu with the various pages on the platform, at the top of the page is a search bar and next to it a search option for categories. The body of the page already contains updated recommendations for new books based on the areas of interest you have defined.

Home - The "Feed" of Books

To change the interests we will go to the Settings page by clicking on the page button in the main menu on the left at the bottom. On the Settings page, scroll down and click on the Edit your interests button located in the Account Settings section. The selection window from the initial login will appear with the previous preferences and will allow them to be re-edited.

Edit preferences button

Step 2 - Change password and settings

Before we go into browsing the books we will redefine our password. To do this we turn to the Settings page in the main menu at the bottom left. This page lists your account information, with the option to edit any of the relevant fields. Click on the Password field and change to the desired password, then type the new password again in the Confirm Password field. We can edit additional preferences such as changing the currency on the platform from Israeli Shekel to USD. When we have finished editing the desired settings, remember to click the Update button at the top right, otherwise the changes will not be saved.

Set a password on the Settings page

Step 3 - Feed and book page

We will return to the home page and the list of recommendations, by clicking on the Home button in the main menu. Clicking on any book in the book list will take us to the book page. On the left side of the list are buttons in the shape of a shopping cart and a heart that allow you to attach the title to the Cart or Wishlist respectively. Clicking on them will color the icon and attach the title to the list, a second click will remove it.

The icons on the left allow you to attach a book to Cart or Wishlist

We'll go to the book page. The details of the book appear in the main column on the page. Each detail that appears in color is actually a link to all the books associated with that detail. For example, clicking on the publisher name will open all the publisher’s books from newest to oldest, as well as categories, series and tags. Some books will display a PDF file from the book.

The price of the book and the actions appear in the right panel on the page. Here too you can add the book to Cart and Wishlist and remove it, you can also send the book by email, export an XML record of the book and of course purchase it. You can also follow the publication or series of the book with the help of a new Plan. To learn about creating a Plan click here.

Book page with the action panel on the right.