Hebrew Books,
Customized for Libraries.

Stay up to date with all new Hebrew books with our E-books library and our online procurement platform customized to your library's needs.

Digital books,
it's time.

Psik brings you many quality titles from the best Israeli publishers, which are seen in digital format for the first time.

printed books,
precisely for you.

We specialize in all books published in Israel as well as Jewish and Israeli books from around the world. Our database includes every new publication in these fields.

between publishers, and librarians.

new possibilities for you.

How Psik helps a procurement professional in libraries?

Acquisition librarians in Israel are now forced to search Sisyphean for new titles on publishing sites, press releases, and social networks. There is no repository that centers the information of new content and many of the relevant titles do not even reach the directories.

In addition, procurement management with suppliers is performed unevenly and inefficiently. The content is matched by the vendors based on conjecture and familiarity, which leads to quite a few cases of duplicate copies, returns, and mismatches. Most procurement processes depend on lists of titles that are emailed by suppliers, without documentation and order.

Psik bring these procurement standards to the world standards, much like software such as GOBI. It makes automatic adjustments for librarians, with full control over their recommendations, and with information on all the books that are relevant to them.

What is the cost of Psik?

Libraries that join Psik get three months free. Libraries that do not order books will pay usage fees for access of the repository. Libraries that do make purchases with Psik get free access to the platform.

Psik offers very attractive prices for the books and saves you a significant amount of time. We believe that the value you will receive will exceed the price you pay.

Our procurement goes well, Why should I move to Psik?

Psik saves you a significant amount of time, both in finding the books you want, during the procurement process, and purchasing costs. Our customers today say that they find time for more library tasks, and even plan their buying time more easily and efficiently.

Psik is very easy to use and embed. It does not require you to invest time and effort until you get the right recommendations - you will discover some of them initially when you first log in to the platform. The interface is very simple similarly as any average home software.  

Psik costs you no money, and you do not require commitment. Try a free comma service, and test yourself for the benefit, without additional investment.

How does Psik fit new books for me?

Psik customize content on two levels - precise purchase plans (Plans), and general adjustment based on areas of interest.

Purchase plans allow you to precisely define attributes of the titles you want us to offer you, and of course you can also edit, refine their work, and delete it all together once it is no longer relevant.

The general suggestions will appear on the home page of the platform as an updated "feed" so you know you are not missing content you would like in your library.