We have put together tutorials here to help you become familiar with the software, and to help you if necessary. If you do not find the answer you are looking for here, contact us and we will be happy to guide you directly.

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How to purchase a title?

In order to purchase a title, the title needs to be in your Cart. In order to transfer a title to the shopping cart, you will need to click on the Purchase button or if the title is in your Wish List, simply transfer it to the Cart.In the shopping cart, choose the titles you want to purchase. Click Place an Order. A message will appear to confirm your order details. Once you confirm your order, a message will appear that your order has been accepted and we will begin to process your order accordingly.

Orders and Payment

Does it cost to use Psik?

Yes. The cost of use is determined in relation to the nature of the library and the extent of its use of the system. Psik makes it easy to access a lot of information and streamline procurement work for the library staff, so like similar systems around the world, it costs money.  Want to check how much it will cost your library to use a comma? Contact us now.

general info

Who are you? Are you librarians?

Nitzan Galdor, who founded the company, worked as a librarian at the National Library and there understood the need to set up a system that would provide books to libraries in a simple and easy way - just as is customary elsewhere in the world. Together with Nitzan, people from the world of books and high-tech world, work with one goal- to allow libraries to be exposed to more information quickly and to buy books easily. For more information, please visit our page.